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Guodong Central Business Building

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 Investment Banking activity
  Activation-occupied and rental assets both ways.

  Rent burden. Benefits shrink.

  Unwilling to bear the daily pressure of high rents. Wanting his company boss daily office work.

  The company's image can not be less. Primitive accumulation is more important!

  Existing space is appropriate. The future? ! If you now set aside a space, whether it cost? !

  Limited funds fetters unlimited development.

  Growing businesses need a more rational investment programs.

  Active property value

  100% business community, from the office to provide a full range of services to business social networking service, optimize traditional office environment, improve efficiency wages.

  Three service centers, allowing you to achieve sustainable value property

  Property management center - property management center offers a range of professional services, including property cleaning services, security services, landscaping services, housing repair and maintenance management, equipment management and maintenance, renovation management, water, electricity use and management, vehicle and parking management , moving services, and other articles referred to standardized management.

  Business Center - Unshielded communities, large information technology center, business center, function rooms, postal, courier, scheduled flights, hotels, business, accompanied, business meetings, on behalf of the cab, translation, copying, faxing, and other modern business services.

  Lease Center - commissioned on behalf of rent, consignment services.


  Business activity

  Twenty-first century what people need most? I believe everyone has a different opinion. And a well-known economist, the answer is "uncertain." Yes, sure. Everything in the world is dynamic and changing, including material and spiritual, connotation and denotation, business areas, like no exception.

  Guodong Central Business Building, in the city center, the axis of the CBD business district starting point, raised in the 21st century "active business" banner! Designed for large and medium enterprises in the development of face image, costs, benefits, and many other key issues, the creation of a platform for the rapid development of its reality.

  Commercial space activity to promote freedom, freedom of information, benefit more freedom, humanity freer, more liberal new business office concept!

  OPEN revolutionary business environment

  In economic circles, people in the city center a main street leading position of the lot likened crystal, the two lots of traffic intersection spindle likened gold, the three main roads coincide lots likened diamonds.

  Guodong. Central Business Building, Grand Central is one among the three most rare vitality wealth lifeline Juzuan, occupy a "Golden Horn Silver" prominent position. Stability at Shield Road, Shaanxi Street, Temple Backstreet three cities of the intersection of the main road (opposite the Provincial Public Security Department), set the central business district, administrative office area, the area in a humanistic education, 16, 26, 45 , 53 Road, 54 Road, 57 Road, 78 Road, 93 Road, 94 Road, 103 Road and many bus lines and the shuttle, is the high cost of land downtown famous enterprises business circle Lazi great victory points.

  Occupied by, the value of long-lasting, once and for all; investors, firmly grasp the raw JINWANG floor, get all moneymaker!


  OPEN revolutionary building height

  Chuan Xin Mansion · Heart of the City, my neighbors

  Guodong Central Business Building, a 32-storey, 138 m dyke giant bladder standing proudly on the south side of the Tianfu Square, Sichuan Xin Mansion in the city center in the downtown triangle constituted over one hundred meters of the potential! Surrounded by landmarks around the city, surrounded Oasis Tower, Guoxin Square, HTC building, buildings and other Western imperial center of the city together to build prosperous business Dipper lineup! And People's Park, Shishi Middle School, Kam, and Tianfu Square in close proximity, an overview of the central area of the core landscape, brought together the urban core resources, and enjoy the central area of administrative / financial / hotel / Telecom / culture / Transportation / Entertainment / landscape ......

  OPEN revolutionary business landscape

  30 meters high and 9 meters wide waterfall southwest of the first business to create business activity of "mobility card."

  We are opposed to in a tight office apart, eyes still not liberated.

  Guodong · Central Business Building, up to 32 layers, each household storey 3.2 meters, width pull World was substantially CBD cityscape panoramic view, not only heavily in building 30 meters high and 9 meters wide waterfall Southwest first business, so You incentive meetings, listen to the sound of water up close. People's Park is more green landscape in close proximity, more three-dimensional visual space, light level becomes more abundant.

  OPEN revolution windows expression

  Construction of the "gills" to create active business of the "double breathing" function.

  All windows are made of hollow Chengdu office only way open glass, this section constitutes the building of the "" system, allowing to obtain high efficiency indoor artificial ventilation and natural ventilation "double breathing" effect. International leading insulating glass technology, excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation, creating a first-class "outside double day" business realm!

Air conditioning cost OPEN revolution

  Stand on one's own household air conditioning system, create active business "strong immunity".

  Independent of household air-conditioning system, building within each unit and outdoor air can be carried out independently, providing free off the all-weather "immune" air conditioning function and the inside of the building, each unit are "short into deep space," the greatest degree of the indoor lighting effect, temperature regulation, ventilation ventilation function comprehensive.

Office of the OPEN revolution

  The whole framework of office pattern with DIY, create active business "spatial variability".

  The whole building adopts frame structure, the whole wall window, can be removed within the walls, the ceiling and the unique ground wiring design, created by all the "elastic factor", so that the whole building both units, each unit, and the whole plane, can be used as a whole space. From 100 to 1000 square metres of space can be full penetration, suites more free combination, comprising the more random segmentation, for growth-oriented enterprises to set aside sufficient expanding space.



The elevator speed OPEN revolution

  2.5 m / s "Germany Thyssen elevator, only to be triggered at any moment" active "business response"

  The chain of Commerce, efficiency, have originated from interlocking forethought. Planning of enterprise leaders a thousand miles, all in the heart, contains general unstoppable entrepreneurial passion. As the German "Thyssen" elevator to innate ability, 2.5 m / s accurate takeup seconds speed, 0.000001 level of precision is sensitive, yun ji connotation as a gentleman, a move a quiet, all reveal an outstanding style, as opportunities to win the key moment.

Intelligent platform OPEN revolution

  5A intelligent system, create active business advantages "operation function".

  Using 5A intelligent management system of international advanced, the traditional discrete building automation (BA), communication automation (CA), security automation (SA), office automation (OA) and other subsystems through the advanced computer network as a whole, so the system as the platform, make the inside of the building, lighting, elevator air conditioning, power distribution, to the garage and drainage, facilities can realize monitoring through the network, automatic operation so that the equipment in the optimum condition, the high stability.


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